Story behind the name…

As the idea of publishing newsletter for DiversityIndia sprouted in my mind, I started searching for the name for it. The first e-group started was ButterflyIndia in 2001 and that formed first brick of the DiversityIndia foundation. There were many options but finally decided to name it after some butterfly.

'Parthenos’ is a generic name of a butterfly called The Clipper. The Clipper, as stated by Wynter-Blyth “One of the Finest of all nymphalids. It is magnificently powerful on wing – a few quick beats of the wings and then sailing for a short stretch with them held well below the horizontal.”

- Dr. Amol Patwardhan

Editorial Team

Concept: Dr. Amol Patwardhan
Frontpage Design: Drashti Danani
Coordinator: Drashti Danani
Subject Editor & Special Issue Coordinator: Prosenjit Dawn, Vijay Barve and Arjan Basu Roy Cover photo: Agriocnemis kalinga [Photographer – Prosenjit Dawn]

Vol 4(1) :: Apr 2016

  • The Worldwide Dragonfly Association - Nancy van der Poorten
  • Preliminary notes on the Odonate diversity of Sringeri, Karnataka, India – Adithya Rao G.S., Keshava Murthy M.V. & S.V. Srinivasamurhthy
  • Of Dragons and Damsels: An Appreciation of ‘Keralathile Thumbikal’: Dragonflies & Damselflies of Kerala - V. Balachandran
  • Odonata, Larval Studies in India… that remained under water! - Prosenjit Dawn
  • Slow Down and Save Dragonflies – Dipti Thakuria
  • From Plains to Mountains- An ‘Odo-nutters” Diary – Shuvendu Das
  • Natural History and Systematics of Odonata: Where do you Stand? – Amila Sumanapala
  • Odonata of India – Shantanu Joshi
  • Damsels in distress – Anand Pendharkar
  • Bengali Nomenclature of Odonates – Arjan Basu Roy
  • DragonflyIndia: A vibrant community of Odonata lovers from Indian subcontinent – Vijay Barve, Pankaj Koparde, Arjan Basu Roy and Prosenjit Dawn
  • Upcoming DiversityIndia Meets

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